Add2Outlook FAQ

Getting Add2Outlook
Do you have a trial version of Add2Outlook so we can test it out?

Yes, Add2Outlook includes a 21-day free trial available for download from Downloads section. You will need to register if you do not already have a login account. The trial countdown begins from the time you create your first folder relationship so make sure you have time to fully test the solution before the trial ends. Once the trial period ends, you will have to purchase a license to continue using it.

How long can we use it for before we have to buy a license for it?

There is a separate trial period for each module. For example, you can try calendar synchronization now, then try contact synchronization at another time. Each licensable module has its own trial clock. Once the trial period ends, you would purchase a license to continue using the software. Once you submit a registration request to license the software, our Licensing Desk will email the end user a license key to install which will activate it from trial mode.

What happens when the trial expires? Will we lose the data?

When the trial expires and you haven’t licensed the solution, it will stop syncing. After your license is purchased and once you add the license key, the solution will be activated and start syncing based on the sync settings you selected during the install. If you do not license it, you can remove the replicated data.

If we install the trial version and buy a license, do we have to reinstall the product and set it up again?

Once you purchase the Add2Outlook license, you would submit a registration request from the Add2Outlook console. Our Licensing Desk will email you a license key which will activate the solution from trial mode. If you do an update or upgrade, you can do this for free for the duration of your software assurance period, which is at least one year; new licenses are sold with 1, 2, or 3 year software assurance. To upgrade, close Outlook and install over the existing version.

Installing & Using Add2Outlook
What are the system requirements? Does it work with Outlook 2010?

Add2Outlook works with Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010. Add2Outlook is an Outlook add-in and is installed on the user’s workstation. Please refer to the System Requirements section in the Add2Outlook installation guide. See here:

I figure your techs know your product best. Can you install it for us?

Yes, we offer a single remote installation session for $199 per workstation or a 2 hour premier support package for $275. We will install and train you on how to install it on the remaining workstations. If you prefer our techs to handle the remote installation for each workstation, we recommend one of our premium support packages.

On which machine should I install Add2Outlook? What's the best way to set it up?

This question depends on your sync needs. Many users set up a dedicated workstation with Outlook installed and all the relationships replicating from one place, that way no user is involved. This configuration is easier to manage, to back up and since Outlook must be open at all times for it to replicate on a timed basis, this removes any user intervention. A service account with proper access permissions is also often used to maintain security.  See Here:

We are using hosted exchange and don’t have access to install any software on the server. Which of your sync products can we use?

Add2Outlook. Please read through our product documentation including the user and installation guides.

We are using Microsoft hosted services, Office 365 and also have Windows 7 phones which forces sync to the cloud. We don’t like the idea of our information being out there on the cloud. Do you offer a non-cloud sync product we can use?

Add2Outlook. Please read through our product documentation including the user and installation guide.

Can we use Add2Outlook with any type of mobile devices? We have a mix of devices here - iPhones, iPads, Androids.

As long as the device’s sync software can connect to Outlook/Exchange and it supports the folder types, you can use Add2Outlook.

How is Add2Outlook affected if we migrate our Exchange or upgrade our Outlook version down the road? Do we need to buy a new license?

You will need to transfer the license and “fix” the relationships to the new server; a license transfer is free if you have a premium remote support package and valid software assurance in place. We also offer migration support services if you need our remote support assistance. If your software assurance has expired, you will need to purchase the upgrade. If you do not have a premium support package in place but still have valid software assurance, you will be eligible for a discounted license transfer ($50 per key).

How do you upgrade Add2Outlook?

These are the upgrade instructions. Upgrading does not remove or lose any relationship information if upgraded on the same replication machine.

Purchasing Add2Outlook
How do I purchase Add2Outlook?

You may purchase Add2Outlook in three ways:

  • from the online store
  • from one of our authorized DidItBetter Software resellers
  • contact us at 800-837-8636 or 001 813 977 5739 ext 100 or by email with your order request.
How is Add2Outlook licensed?

Add2Outlook is sold per user with at least 2 relationships. You can license one or all 3 folder types depending on your sync needs. For multiple users in your company, we offer volume pricing based on the total number of relationships needed. Please email the type of synchronization you are trying to accomplish and the number of users.

I see each new license includes software assurance, so do we get free support then? What is software assurance?

The software assurance subscription covers free updates and upgrades on the licensed solution which are available for download from the web for the duration of your software assurance subscription. You also receive free email support for the duration of your software assurance term. Software assurance is effective from the date of purchase for new or current version upgrade license sales. New licenses are available with 1, 2 or 3 years software assurance. For customers with valid software assurance in place, you may renew your software assurance subscription prior to the expiration date for 1, 2 or 3 years and your renewal will be extended from the software assurance expiration date.

We do offer several premium support packages which cover remote and phone support with one of our techs, if you would like one of our DidItBetter Software certified service providers to assist you with any of your updates, installs, troubleshooting, relationship set up; our most popular package is the 4 hour block for $399.

Supporting Add2Outlook
What support resources are available?

Our support site at is the main support resource site and includes forum posts, technical bulletins, online support chat, installation and user guides, release notes and more.

How do I get priority support?

For priority support, you can purchase a priority support session here. This includes remote support on your system to resolve your reported issue. Priority sessions are scheduled same/next business day or the first available appointment.

You can also pre-purchase a block of support time to save money over individual sessions. Learn more about our premium support packages & services.