Add2Exchange FAQ

Getting Add2Exchange
Is there a trial version of Add2Exchange?

Yes, we offer a 21-day fully functional trial version in our Downloads area. Once you install Add2Exchange and you create your first synchronization relationship, it will start in trial mode. Each folder type/module has its own separate trial period. You can initiate a trial for Calendar synchronization now, then try Contact synchronization at a later time. Make sure you're able to fully test and evaluate the app during this time since once the trial period ends, we cannot extend the trial. 

When the trial period ends, items will stop syncing, however all of the relationship information (including the synchronized copies) is left intact. To enable synchronization after the trial, all you need to do is purchase a license, submit a product registration request from within the app (Add2Exchange console, License menu option) and enter the license key(s) emailed to activate it from trial mode.

How do I download Add2Exchange?

You can download Add2Exchange from the Downloads section. To access the Downloads area, you will need to register for an account if you do not already have one.

There are three packages for each edition of Add2Exchange - New Installs, Upgrades, and Release Candidates. Make sure you understand the difference before downloading. New users will want to select the full package under the section 'New Installs' of either the release version. Existing licensees with valid software assurance in place or trial users checking for updates once the license has been purchased will want to select the package under section 'Upgrades'.

Sometimes there are release candidate beta versions as well found under the section 'Release Candidates'. Release candidates have the latest features and bug fixes and are generally stable. However, you may want the released version if you are averse to using beta versions.


Installing Add2Exchange
Does Add2Exchange support my edition of Windows Server and Exchange?

You can find the system requirements in the Add2Exchange product guide. Add2Exchange Enterprise supports on-premise Exchange 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 (and prior versions). Our Add2Exchange 365 edition supports Office 365, hosted Exchange, hybrid platforms, on premise Exchange 2019 (and prior versions)

If you don't have a replication machine to install our software on, ask about our hosted Virtual DIB Sync Server solutions.
NOTE: Add2Exchange Standard edition was retired in 2015 - if you had a Standard edition license contact us for crossgrade options.


Does Add2Exchange Enterprise work with Hosted Exchange or Office 365?

If you have a replication machine to install our software on, ask about our Add2Exchange Enterprise 365 edition for hosted Exchange, Office 365, Office 365 hybrid, or on premise Exchange 2019 / 2016 (and prior versions). If you don't have a replication machine to install our software on, we also offer Virtual DIB Sync Server for calendar and contact sync - live chat or email us for a quote on our hosted options.


How do I install Add2Exchange?

The prerequisites, system requirements, and installation steps are covered in detail in our updated product documentation: Add2Exchange GuideDo not attempt to perform the installation without first reading through this guide.

If you prefer one of our DidItBetter Software engineers remote in to assist with your trial installation and train you on how to create and set up the folder relationships properly for the sync you are trying to accomplish, we offer an Add2Exchange Proof of Concept (PoC) remote install session. We will use our (or your) remote control software to install and configure the relationships while training you on best practices, folder relationship replication settings for your specific sync needs, and also review the norms for your configuration. The PoC trial install is actually us certifying your Add2Exchange install for a ready to go live once the license is purchased. You will have a general understanding of the app, and we will set any of the permissions needed to make it easier to manage. The remote session normally takes about an hour to an hour and a half. Once the session is purchased, a member of our Customer Care team will contact you to schedule a session time. This single remote session is $199 buy online: Add2Exchange PoC Trial Install remote session

Do I need to disable antivirus scanning for Add2Exchange?

Yes, but only on Add2Exchange's installed directory and processes. You do not need to disable or remove antivirus as a whole.

More information is here.

On which machine should I install Add2Exchange?

Refer to the Add2Exchange product guide for replication machine requirements.

We recommend installing the app on a virtual machine. Add2Exchange can be installed on the Exchange server where there are most of the mailboxes to be synchronized, but it is best to use a standalone machine, a Virtual Machine or put it on the BES Server. A virtual machine is best because we can configure the machine to optimize it for our sync purposes, but it also plays well with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server as well. In general, Add2Exchange should be installed on a Windows Server system. All Windows Server versions are supported, with the caveat that some modification of a system-level configuration may be required, including but not limited to disabling User Account (Access) Control and rebooting.

Using Add2Exchange
What is a relationship?

A relationship is a pair of source and destination folders for a certain type of synchronization item, such as calendars, contacts or tasks. An example of a relationship would be an association from user "A"s Calendar folder to user "B"s Calendar folder. Such a relationship would place copies of "A"s calendar items in "B"s calendar folder. Relationships can be between user folders or public folders, or any combination of the two.

A relationship is directional, meaning direction matters. From "A" to "B" is a separate relationship from "B" to "A". Because of this, if you need two folders to have the same contents and users are able to add items to either folder, then you need two relationships, one for each direction. This way items added to "A"s folder show up in "B"s as well as vice-versa.

A relationship is based on the folder, not the user. If your user has more than one calendar folder to be synchronized, for example, then each folder requires a separate relationship. Similarly, if you are synchronizing one source folder to multiple destination folders, then each destination folder requires its own relationship.

Relationships do not chain, so you cannot synchronize items from folder "A" to "B" to "C" and get the items from "A" to show up in "C". "A" needs a direct relationship to both "B" and "C" individually.

If you need lots of relationships because, for example, you have many users, then you will want to use the Relationship Group Manager functionality. It allows you to manage destination folders based on user membership in an Active Directory distribution list.


How quickly do users see changes that are synchronized?

Synchronization is run on a regular schedule specified in the Service Utility dialog of the Add2Exchange console. By default it is set to run every half hour. However, depending on your configuration, synchronization may take longer than this. Each environment has a different number of relationships and different number of items in the folder to sync, so there is no standard time for synchronization. The best way to tell is to allow an initial sync and a follow up sync, and take the follow up sync time as your baseline. This can be found in the Event Viewer administrative tool, under the Add2Exchange event log.

Adding more relationships will naturally increase the sync time. The initial sync will take the longest; then new/changed items are synchronized. 

For a complete explanation, click here:

Does moving a mailbox affect its Add2Exchange relationship?

Yes. Changing mailbox stores changes all of the IDs associated with the mailbox, folders and items which Add2Exchange tracks for synchronization. This will break the relationship.

If you need to move a mailbox, either first delete the relationship along with its copied items (the console will offer to do this for you), then rebuild the relationship once the mailbox has been moved, or you can use the Recovery and Migration tool to avoid deleting and rebuilding the relationship.

If the relationship is already broken because of a move, or if you have many mailboxes to move, you will need the Recovery and Migration Manager add-on tool license.

Does changing a folder name affect its Add2Exchange relationship?

No. Add2Exchange uses the Exchange folder ID, not the name, to track the folder. You can safely change the folder name. Be careful though because the automatic naming of the relationships within Add2Exchange will specify the old name of the folder, so you may want to edit the names as well.

What do I need to tell users about synchronization?

There is a section of the guide which is targeted toward users and administrators alike. It includes explanation of the concepts as well as usage and best practices.

Can Add2Exchange filter what items are synchronized?

Yes, your DidItBetter Sync Admin can filter which items are synchronized from the source folder to the destination (target) folder(s) based on single or multiple category selection. You can have conditional sync based on categories if you need to sync all items from a source folder.  

Licensing Add2Exchange
How do I purchase a license Add2Exchange?

You may purchase licensing in three ways:

If you already know the edition and configuration you need, then you can purchase on our online store. Otherwise, contact us at (813) 977 5739 or 001 813 977 5739 or by email info at diditbetter . com for a license recommendation.

What is the pricing for Add2Exchange?

Pricing is available by selecting the appropriate value bundle edition in the online store. Not sure which license you need? Contact us for a license recommendation. 

How is Add2Exchange licensed?

Add2Exchange Enterprise and Add2Exchange 365 licensing is based on the total number of relationships needed. Every source to destination combination (folder pair) is one relationship. The source is the folder the new item is created in, the destination is the target folder you want to sync a copy to. Our licensing tiers are 2, 10, 20, 50, or unlimited relationships. The unlimited relationships covers all users in a single Exchange ou, where the product is installed on one replication machine. You can license one folder type (Calendars or Contacts with GAL Sync Manager) or the Sync Suite (Calendars, Contacts with GAL Sync Manager, Tasks, Posts). Our most popular licensing option is the value bundle which includes discounted tool licenses and at least a 4 hour block of Premier Support for up to 4 hours of remote/phone support help with a DidItBetter Software tech by appointment during our normal business hours.

How many relationships do I need?

This depends on the number of folder pairs as well as the directionality of the relationships. Contact us for a license recommendation.

For example, if you are pushing one source folder to 50 users (destination/target mailboxes), then you will need 50 relationships.

If you want to create a "full mesh" series of relationships, where users can make items anywhere and replicate everywhere else, the number of relationships needed is calculated by "n+1 x n" if using a public folder, or "n-1 x n" if not, where n = the number of destination folders. 

If you are mutually synchronizing 10 folders (each folder is both a source and destination, so they essentially form one big folder), then you need N*(N-1) or 90 relationships.

When you go through the trial and create the relationships, you will have a better idea of the number of relationships you need.

If you are aware of future growth, be sure to plan for room to grow in your license purchase. Purchasing relationships in a bundle up-front can result in significant savings.

We also offer unlimited relationship licensing and several 'all in one' value bundles.

Do edits to copies in destination folders get synchronized back to the source?

If you want them to, yes. It's configurable on a relationship-by-relationship basis. They don't have to.

A relationship which does not allow edits to affect the source is called "one-way". A "two-way" relationship synchronizes changes in both directions.

The configuration options are very flexible and are explained in the guide.

Does Relationship Group Manager use a different model for relationship licensing?

The Relationship Group Manager (RGM) for Add2Exchange Enterprise or Add2Exchange 365 edition users is licensed separately and not based on the number of relationships licensed. RGM simplifies the administration of large numbers of relationships but does not affect the number of relationships needed.

What is included in the license for Add2Exchange?

The license for your edition of Add2Exchange includes usage of the covered folder type(s) within one (1) Exchange Organization Unit in perpetuity, at the software revision available at time of purchase, installed on one (1) selected system acting as your replication machine. The license covers access to build updates and upgrades of the licensed edition for the duration of your software assurance subscription term. The software is available as a digital download from the web. Updates/upgrades are available in our Downloads area. If your software assurance subscription expires, you will no longer be eligible for build updates and upgrades without first purchasing an upgrade license. The license to use the existing app does not expire and may continue to function provided no changes are made in your environment/platform, with Microsoft or other third party product updates. We strongly recommend keeping your software assurance subscription active.

Changing the replication machine on which Add2Exchange is installed can be done without requiring the purchase of a new license if your software assurance is active, but will require a license transfer - refer to your license key email for more information.

The software assurance subscription includes basic email support for the duration of the software assurance term. New licenses are available with 1, 2, or 3 years of software assurance with basic email support. Please note email support does not cover third party product support, migrations, moves/reinstalling on new replication machine/vm, crossgrades, remote/phone support which require Premier Support. A block of Premier Support is included with every license value bundle order. Premier Support is also sold separately in 4 or 8 hour blocks. 

See the full license agreement within the Help > EULA menu entry of the Add2Exchange Console for more details.

What is a Software Assurance Subscription?

Software assurance provides access to updates and upgrades on the licensed edition available for download from the web and basic email support for the duration of the subscription term and is effective from the date of purchase for new licenses. New licenses are available with 1, 2 or 3 years software assurance. You may renew your software assurance subscription prior to the expiration date for an additional 1, 2 or 3 years and your renewal will be extended from the software assurance expiration date. In the past, this was referred to as software maintenance. With valid software assurance in place, you may also add more relationships to your license by purchasing a discounted additional relationship license and you may also license another folder type by purchasing an additional folder type license at discounted pricing.

I just purchased - when will I get my license key?

For instructions on submitting your product registration request, refer to Product Activation instructions or reference the Licensing section of the product guide.

Supporting Add2Exchange
What support resources are available?

The support site at is the main support resource site. It includes the following resources:

How do I get priority support?

If you have Premier Support with time left on your last block of hours, open a ticket online to request a remote session. Priority sessions are scheduled same/next business day or the first available appointment. Third party product support, migrations, moves/installing on a new replication machine require at least a 4 hour block of Premier Support. If you already migrated without regard to your Add2Exchange installation and didn't have a preflight tech phone consult beforehand, you'll need at least an 8 hour block.  

Premier Support covers remote/phone support with a DiditBetter Software engineer; sessions are held by appointment during our normal business hours. Premier Support is available by purchasing a block of hours (4, 8, or 15 hours). Learn more about Premier Support.

How do I upgrade Add2Exchange?

Refer to the product guide. If you have a valid software assurance subscription, you're eligible to download the newest build for your licensed edtion. To install the Add2Exchange update/upgrade, follow the sthese short upgrade instructions if you're updating/upgrading on the same replication machine licensed. 
If you are moving the install to a different replication machine,doing an Exchange migration, or moving to Office 365/hosted Exchange, these instructions do not apply -- contact us beforehand to schedule a preflight tech phone consultation re: the Add2Exchange side of the migration/move.


How do I move Add2Exchange to a different server?

Open a ticket online to request a preflight phone consultation beforehand. Reference the Add2Exchange product guide where migrations and moves are covered. There is a distinction between moving Add2Exchange versus moving Exchange. Sometimes you may want to move Add2Exchange by itself (without moving Exchange), and other times you may want to move Add2Exchange along with Exchange (usually because Exchange is moving or migrating versions).

This question does not address moving the Exchange server to a different machine. If that is the case, see the following question on migrating Exchange, including when you are moving Exchange without necessarily migrating the Exchange version.

Add2Exchange can be moved to a different replication server. Since there are multiple possible scenarios, an overview can't be given here. See this technical bulletin which covers the possible scenarios and methods.

Moving Add2Exchange to another server requires the issuance of a new license key and a license transfer fee.

How do I migrate to a new version of Exchange?

Open a ticket online to request a preflight consultation beforehand. There is a distinction between moving Add2Exchange versus moving Exchange. Sometimes you may want to move Add2Exchange by itself (without moving Exchange), and other times you may want to move Add2Exchange along with Exchange (usually because Exchange is moving or migrating versions).

This question addresses moving the Exchange server to a different machine. If that is not the case, see the previous question on moving Add2Exchange.

Exchange migrations are a complex topic. Refer to the Migration section of the guide.

DidItBetter sells a separate add on tool to assist in this process, the Recovery and Migration Manager (RMM) which manages the process of relocating relationship and synchronization data to a new server. If you ordered a value bundle, this tool licenses was included.

If you only have a few relationships, however, you may not need to use this tool. This option is to simply delete all of your relationships, removing the synchronized copies before you update Exchange. Once Exchange has been updated, you then install Add2Exchange and configure Add2Exchange manually to have the same relationships as it had before.

See this technical bulletin which covers a third method, the startover process. This is generally a clean-up method if you have tried the migration and failed. A startover will wipe the existing copies out of Exchange so that relationships can resync a fresh copy. Contact us for pricing if you need this option.

Moving to a new version of Exchange usually requires moving Add2Exchange to the new Exchange server, which requires the issuance of a new license key. For those with valid software assurance in place, there is a discounted license transfer processing fee. Expired accounts will need to reinstate their software assurance and purchase a license for the new server.

If you need remote/phone support assistance with your Add2Exchange migration or start over, we recommend  Premier Support (at least a 4 hour block).

If you're planning to migrate to Office 365 or hosted Exchange, open a ticket online to request a preflight tech consultation beforehand and for your Add2Exchange 365 options.



Add2Outlook FAQ

Getting Add2Outlook
Do you have a trial version of Add2Outlook so we can test it out?

Yes, Add2Outlook includes a 21-day free trial available for download from Downloads section. You will need to register if you do not already have a login account. The trial countdown begins from the time you create your first folder relationship so make sure you have time to fully test the solution before the trial ends. Once the trial period ends, you will have to purchase a license to continue using it.

How long can we use it for before we have to buy a license for it?

There is a separate trial period for each module. For example, you can try calendar synchronization now, then try contact synchronization at another time. Each licensable module has its own trial clock. Once the trial period ends, you would purchase a license to continue using the software. Once you submit a registration request to license the software, our Licensing Desk will email the end user a license key to install which will activate it from trial mode.

What happens when the trial expires? Will we lose the data?

When the trial expires and you haven’t licensed the solution, it will stop syncing. After your license is purchased and once you add the license key, the solution will be activated and start syncing based on the sync settings you selected during the install. If you do not license it, you can remove the replicated data.

If we install the trial version and buy a license, do we have to reinstall the product and set it up again?

Once you purchase the Add2Outlook license, you would submit a registration request from the Add2Outlook console. Our Licensing Desk will email you a license key which will activate the solution from trial mode. If you do an update or upgrade, you can do this for free for the duration of your software assurance period, which is at least one year; new licenses are sold with 1, 2, or 3 year software assurance. To upgrade, close Outlook and install over the existing version.

Installing & Using Add2Outlook
What are the system requirements? Does it work with Outlook 2010?

Add2Outlook works with Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010. Add2Outlook is an Outlook add-in and is installed on the user’s workstation. Please refer to the System Requirements section in the Add2Outlook installation guide. See here:

I figure your techs know your product best. Can you install it for us?

Yes, we offer a single remote installation session for $199 per workstation or a 2 hour premier support package for $275. We will install and train you on how to install it on the remaining workstations. If you prefer our techs to handle the remote installation for each workstation, we recommend one of our premium support packages.

On which machine should I install Add2Outlook? What's the best way to set it up?

This question depends on your sync needs. Many users set up a dedicated workstation with Outlook installed and all the relationships replicating from one place, that way no user is involved. This configuration is easier to manage, to back up and since Outlook must be open at all times for it to replicate on a timed basis, this removes any user intervention. A service account with proper access permissions is also often used to maintain security.  See Here:

We are using hosted exchange and don’t have access to install any software on the server. Which of your sync products can we use?

Add2Outlook. Please read through our product documentation including the user and installation guides.

We are using Microsoft hosted services, Office 365 and also have Windows 7 phones which forces sync to the cloud. We don’t like the idea of our information being out there on the cloud. Do you offer a non-cloud sync product we can use?

Add2Outlook. Please read through our product documentation including the user and installation guide.

Can we use Add2Outlook with any type of mobile devices? We have a mix of devices here - iPhones, iPads, Androids.

As long as the device’s sync software can connect to Outlook/Exchange and it supports the folder types, you can use Add2Outlook.

How is Add2Outlook affected if we migrate our Exchange or upgrade our Outlook version down the road? Do we need to buy a new license?

You will need to transfer the license and “fix” the relationships to the new server; a license transfer is free if you have a premium remote support package and valid software assurance in place. We also offer migration support services if you need our remote support assistance. If your software assurance has expired, you will need to purchase the upgrade. If you do not have a premium support package in place but still have valid software assurance, you will be eligible for a discounted license transfer ($50 per key).

How do you upgrade Add2Outlook?

These are the upgrade instructions. Upgrading does not remove or lose any relationship information if upgraded on the same replication machine.

Purchasing Add2Outlook
How do I purchase Add2Outlook?

You may purchase Add2Outlook in three ways:

  • from the online store
  • from one of our authorized DidItBetter Software resellers
  • contact us at 800-837-8636 or 001 813 977 5739 ext 100 or by email with your order request.
How is Add2Outlook licensed?

Add2Outlook is sold per user with at least 2 relationships. You can license one or all 3 folder types depending on your sync needs. For multiple users in your company, we offer volume pricing based on the total number of relationships needed. Please email the type of synchronization you are trying to accomplish and the number of users.

I see each new license includes software assurance, so do we get free support then? What is software assurance?

The software assurance subscription covers free updates and upgrades on the licensed solution which are available for download from the web for the duration of your software assurance subscription. You also receive free email support for the duration of your software assurance term. Software assurance is effective from the date of purchase for new or current version upgrade license sales. New licenses are available with 1, 2 or 3 years software assurance. For customers with valid software assurance in place, you may renew your software assurance subscription prior to the expiration date for 1, 2 or 3 years and your renewal will be extended from the software assurance expiration date.

We do offer several premium support packages which cover remote and phone support with one of our techs, if you would like one of our DidItBetter Software certified service providers to assist you with any of your updates, installs, troubleshooting, relationship set up; our most popular package is the 4 hour block for $399.

Supporting Add2Outlook
What support resources are available?

Our support site at is the main support resource site and includes forum posts, technical bulletins, online support chat, installation and user guides, release notes and more.

How do I get priority support?

For priority support, you can purchase a priority support session here. This includes remote support on your system to resolve your reported issue. Priority sessions are scheduled same/next business day or the first available appointment.

You can also pre-purchase a block of support time to save money over individual sessions. Learn more about our premium support packages & services.